Friday, March 2, 2012

Baseball Geometery

HOMERUN!!!!!!!!! Play your way to a homerun and playing geometry.

Ice cream shop with mixed fraction game for students

Here ya go! This is a fun game for students to work on mixed fractions

More great lesson plans

Check out these awesome lessons

Great lesson plan

What a great lesson! Here is a great lesson that students work together with cards, they think it's a game...but in fact we trick them into learning

Games for your 5th grader

This is a wonderful site for parents, students, and teachers. This site has many many games that your 5th grader can play that works deals with many of the things listed in the 5th graders standards for mathematics. What's great about it is they already organized them into different subjects of learning. You can simply hold your cursor without clicking onto the link and see a sample question. If it looks like something you want to play, then go ahead and click the link and your are off to having fun!

Rotation, Reflections and translations

 Super fun game, I kept playing it myself!!!

Teaching Mathematics in Elementary

This is a wonderful website dedicated to helping elementary teachers teach math in their classrooms. It has lots of resources for books and lesson plan ideas. I will and hope other teachers will benefit greatly from this site.